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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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Special District

Little Lake City School District
Measure LL - 2/3 Approval Required

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Election Results


2,689 votes yes (67.38%)

1,302 votes no (32.62%)

100% of precincts reporting (18/18).

To provide upgrades to facilities, keep schools clean, safe and well-maintained, improve classroom technology, maintain up-to-date textbooks, instructional materials in English, math, science, history, continue funding art/music programs and provide local funding that the State can't take away, shall Little Lake City School District renew, without increasing, its expiring voter approved tax raising $370,000 annually through a $48 per parcel tax for five years with independent oversight, no funds for administrators' salaries and a senior citizen exemption?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Mary C. Wickham, County Counsel

Approval of Measure LL (“Measure”) would authorize the Governing Board (“Board”) of the Little Lake City School District (“District”), which called for placement of the Measure on the ballot by Resolution No. 18-098, to renew the expiring school parcel tax Measure TT, of $48 per parcel per year on taxable real property. The school parcel tax (“Tax”), if approved, will be levied annually, beginning July 1, 2018, and continue for a period of no more than five (5) years.

Proceeds from the Tax shall be used only for the purposes specified in the Measure, including, but not limited to, maintaining current text books and instructional materials in English, math, science and history; improving classroom technology; funding for art and music programs; keeping school facilities clean, safe, and well-maintained; and making facility upgrades. No proceeds from this Tax can be used for administrators’ salaries or benefits.

All property that is otherwise exempt from ad valorem property taxes shall also be exempt from the Tax in such year. For purposes of levying the Tax, any parcels that lie within the District that are, (1) contiguous; (2) used solely for owner-occupied, single family residential purposes; and (3) are held under identical ownership, may apply to be treated as a single parcel, by applying to the District, prior to June 15 of any year. In addition, any owner of a parcel used solely for owner-occupied, single-family residential purposes, and is either, (1) 65 years or older before June 30 of the fiscal year immediately preceding the fiscal year in which the Tax should apply; or (2) receives Supplemental Security Income for disability; or (3) receives Social Security Disability benefits, regardless of age, whose annual income does not exceed 250 percent of the 2012 federal poverty guidelines, may obtain an exemption, by applying to the District. Any persons who currently receive an exemption under Measure TT, shall automatically qualify for an exemption for this Tax. The District may implement procedures to periodically verify the previously granted exception. The District’s decisions regarding the Tax, including exemptions and classifications, shall be final and binding.

As required by law, an annual written report shall be made to the Board showing the amount of the funds collected and expended and the status of any projects funded by the Tax. Tax proceeds shall be deposited in a separate, special account.

The Tax shall be collected by the County Tax Collector based on parcel location, at the same time, in the same manner, and shall be subject to the same penalties applicable to ad valorem property taxes. Any unpaid Tax shall bear interest at the same rate as for unpaid ad valorem property taxes until paid.

This Measure requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote for passage.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

For the past five years, Little Lake students have benefited from the stable local funding provided by our modest school parcel tax. This local funding helps our school district in providing up-to-date textbooks and instructional materials, improving classroom technology, providing funding for art and music and upgrading classrooms and facilities.

Measure LL is not a tax increase, it merely continues the existing rate of $4 per month. Seniors may apply for an exemption.

Due in part to community support, Little Lake schools continue to make strides in improving the quality of education. Past local funds have significantly improved classroom technology. Even if you do not have school-aged children, support of this measure is a wise investment. Quality neighborhood schools help to maintain and improve local property values.

Measure LL funds can only be spent on programs listed in the measure and approved by voters. Funds CANNOT be taken away by the State or used to pay for administrator’s salaries. Every penny raised stays in our community.

Mandatory annual independent audits will ensure that there will be a clear system of fiscal accountability. Funds from Measure LL can only be used to improve our local schools and educational programs.

Please help us preserve quality schools in Little Lake. Please vote YES on Measure LL.

Vice President, Little Lake City School Board and Parent

Former City Council Member and Former School Board Member

Parent and Community Member

City of Santa Fe Springs Planning Commissioner

William Orr Principal and Community Member

Arguments AGAINST


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