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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Condado de San FranciscoCandidato para Supervisor, Distrito 7

Photo de Joel Engardio

Joel Engardio

Journalist/Business Manager
12,815 votos (42%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Investigate the budget. At $9.6 billion it has doubled the past decade and nothing is twice as good. We need to look at every item, measure for results and only pay for what works.
  • Stop the westside crime wave. With car break-ins up 163 percent and police staffing down 18 percent, we need a strong supervisor who will push for more police resources in District 7.
  • Address homelessness. One-third of homeless people are in San Francisco have a mental illness and we need to treat the underlying condition. Tent cities and unruly behavior cannot be allowed. Our policies should be compassionate and accountable.



Harvard Kennedy School of Government Master in Public Administration (2011)


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Joel Engardio grew up in the General Motors factory town of Saginaw, Michigan — raised by his mom and grandmother. They didn't have much money, education or connections. But they taught Joel how to get things done by being smart with their resources.

Joel started working at age 12 delivering newspapers. At 16, he got a second job at McDonald's. He studied journalism at Michigan State on scholarship.

Joel won many awards as a journalist — giving people a voice, asking tough questions and holding government accountable. As supervisor, he will do the same from inside City Hall.

Joel also worked at the American Civil Liberties Union with a focus on free speech, immigrant and LGBT rights. He currently works for a telemedicine company that makes healthcare more affordable and accessible.

Joel has lived in San Francisco for 18 years. He married Lionel Hsu soon after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed it. They own a home near Stonestown Mall.

Joel earned a Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School on scholarship. He serves on the boards of the Alice. B. Toklas Democratic Club and SF Moderates. He also served on the San Francisco Demoratic County Central Committee.


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Featured Endorsements

  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • San Francisco Examiner
  • Supervisor Scott Wiener

Organizaciónes (2)

  • Small Property Owners of San Francisco
  • San Francisco Police Officers Associatin (3)

Funcionarios electos (2)

  • Supervisor Scott Wiener
  • Supervisor Katy Tang

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Investigate the budget
At $9.6 billion, the city budget has doubled since 2004.  Is anything twice as good? We need to investigate how our money is being spent, measure for results and then use fiscal discipline to only pay for what works.

Build transportation for the future
Invest in subways we regret not building decades ago.

Focus on middle-income housing
Preserve neighborhoods of single-family homes while helping families stay in San Francisco. With community input, build housing for families and seniors above retail along Muni train lines. The new residents will revitalize commercial districts and we’ll create housing for our kids.

Put recreation first in our parks
Recreation for people and pets must be the priority for open space in an urban city.

Let parents walk kids to school
Our confounding school assignment process makes families commute across town and produces schools less diverse than a simple neighborhood system would.

Stop the westside crime wave
With car break-ins up 163 percent and police staffing down by 18 percent, we need a strong supervisor who  will push for more police resources in District 7.

Address homelessness
One-third of homeless people in San Francisco have a mental illness and we must treat the underlying condition. Tent cities and unruly behavior cannot be allowed. Our policies should be compassionate and accountable.

Endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle:

  • “Engardio has the intelligence and manner that can introduce change where it fits.”
  • “He’s eager to tame a soaring city budget.”
  • “He shows the potential to add seriousness and problem-solving skills to a board that could use more of each.”
  • “On both local and citywide issues, Engardio is the best choice.”

Endosed by the San Francisco Examiner:

  • "Engardio's sound judgment, commitment to transparency in government and sense of fairness will serve the city and his district well."
  • "Engardio would be an independent supervisor and bring more city attention to issues that matter to District 7, such as crime, affordability, housing and fiscal responsibility."



Videos (2)

— October 25, 2016 Engardio for District 7 Supervisor 2016

In my work as a journalist, I asked tough questions and held government accountable. As a supervisor, I’ll do that from inside City Hall. In that spirit, my new campaign video — “Investigate” — pays homage to San Francisco in the film noir era when the reporter or private eye took on a big case to advocate for the little guy.

— October 25, 2016 League of Women Voters

Joel Engardio explains why he is running for supervisor and how he will give District 7 residents a voice at City Hall.

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