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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de Fountain ValleyCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Kim Constantine

Kim Constantine

Business Woman
8,382 votos (21.9%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • I look forward to operating within our financial means and stopping City Hall’s wasteful spending as in the example of the $24,950 wasted on a biased survey to a select few residents in February. For the last several years, current Council majority
  • I will continue to fight against high-density housing and high-rise office towers being promoted and enabled by rezoning designed to displace good job providing, revenue producing, industrial / light manufacturing businesses that support our communit
  • I will ensure Fountain Valley remains a prosperous place to do business, as well as a nice and desirable place to live for our residents and future generations. It is important to retain our businesses, while attracting new ones – the same with attr



I ran for our Fountain Valley City Council in 2014 and have remained extremely active here ever since -- attending all City Council, Planning Commission, and Strategic Planning Meetings and more.

Public Service (councils, boards, committees, commissions, volunteering): 

*Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Member 2010 to present. … have signed up 23 new business members to date.

*Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Ambassador 2010 to 2014; Ambassador of the Year 2011.

*Fountain Valley Woman's Club Member 2012 to present.

*Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2011 to 2014.

*Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Member Services Committee Member 2012 to 2013.

*Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Chair 2013 to 2014.

At the November, 2011 Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Installation Luncheon, I was honored to be named “Ambassador of the Year”.  Four Board members were up for re-election of another 3-year term that day.  I was surprised and thrilled to be nominated from the floor.  Chamber Members were told they could write in my name and vote for me, besides those listed on the ballot.  After the vote, I was immediately elected onto the Board...first time ever in the Chamber's 45-year history for someone to be nominated from the floor.  This is something I will always cherish. 

*Fountain Valley Community Foundation Member 2014 to present.

*Fountain Valley Friends of the Library Member 2014 to present.

*Fountain Valley Historical Society Member 2014 to present.

*Fountain Valley Summerfest Committee Member 2015.

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  • CRA - California Republican Assembly, Fountain Valley

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No on Measure HH... the excessive 20-year sales tax increase for Fountain Valley


No on Measure HH.... the excessive 20-year sales tax increase for Fountain Valley

Did you know Fountain Valley residents will soon be voting on a sales tax increase?

This misleading-named Measure HH: "Fountain Valley 911 Response / Police-Fire / Essential City Services Measure" is really all about unfunded staff pensions, not about public safety being in jeopardy -- as City Hall is leading people to believe.


The TRUTH about the $116 million the State took from the City of Fountain Valley over several years, ending in 2011, it was just sitting there instead of being used for redevelopment and/or capital improvement projects.  Current Council majority was not forward-thinking years ago.

The right vote on Measure HH is a “NO” because, if passed by Fountain Valley residents…

 -This 1% sales tax increase is EXCESSIVE and will bring in $11.5 million dollars each year for 20 years with only after-the-fact reporting on how it’s spent. 

Our current budget deficit is $1.7 million, so yes, this is EXCESSIVE.

-Fountain Valley residents will pay the higher sales tax for DELIVERED appliances such as TV’s, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, etc. no matter in which city they buy.

-We, the Fountain Valley residents will pay more sales tax for new and used vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, motorhomes, and RVs -- no matter where they purchase or pick it up.

Ignore City Hall’s scare tactics.  Vote “NO” on Measure HH.

It’s bad for residents, bad for businesses, and bad for Fountain Valley.

Vote KIM CONSTANTINE for Fountain Valley City Council on November 8, 2016.

I ran for Council 2 years ago and will continue to fight against high-density housing & high-rise office towers being promoted & enabled by rezoning designed to displace good job providing, revenue producing, industrial / light manufacturing businesses that support our community.  Yes, the approx. 162 acres near the 405 Freeway known as “FV Crossings”.

Kim Constantine for Fountain Valley City Council

Learn more

Directly from Kim Constantine - 3 Questions recently posed to me and my responses


3 Questions recently posed to me and my responses

3 Questions posed to me and my responses…


1. What are the skills, qualities or accomplishments that make you the best person for this job.

I’m very involved attending all City Council, Strategic Planning, and Planning Commission meetings so I immediately learn important information firsthand.  I helped stop the Clear Channel billboard Council tried to erect by the 405 Freeway and am the lead on stopping Council majority’s excessive 20-year sales tax increase that will have many negative financial impacts on residents and businesses.  I offer common sense, dedication, and hard work in the absolute best interest of our city.


With the recurrent deficits in the city budget what is your position on the proposed 1 percent sales tax increase? If it fails, how would you solve the chronic budget shortfalls?


I am a “no” on Measure HH, the excessive 20-year, 1% sales tax increase with financial negatives to our residents and businesses and have been spreading awareness.  If passed, residents will pay more for delivered appliances no matter in which city purchased, same for purchases that require DMV registration.  The City spent $620,000+ on “FV Crossings”, the largest redevelopment in our history, without doing financials.  I support “responsible development” and thorough budget review with cuts.


What specific measures would you like to see taken to attract new business and build the city's tax base and business climate?


An overhaul of our conditional use permit process and fees is in order so we may achieve a “business friendly” reputation.  Additionally, our City Manager knows my eagerness to take part in a brainstorming team to develop and promote a lucrative "spend your disposable income where you live" program to help drive sales to our local businesses and retain them.  It would be a 3-way win:  for the city, our local business, and the consumer. 









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I brought widespread awareness on many issues:

-The TRUTH of $100 million dollars+ State took from City of FV, several occasions years ago, HAD money been used for redevelopment and/or capital improvement projects instead of just sitting there, WOULD NOT been taken.  Incumbents seated back then and did not challenge. 

-Measure HH negatives for residents involving delivered appliance / DMV registered item purchases (cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes, RVs, boats).  Residents pay more no matter where purchased, people don’t live in FV pay less.

-City spent $620,000 on "FV Crossings"; no financials done on 162 acre rezoning at Ellis in light manufacturing / industrial area; not incumbent challenged.

-High-density residences and 6 story high-rise offices coming.  Mayor devalues light manufacturing / industrial  “underutilized” and “tired”.

-Vote for incumbents means more status quo, tax increases, not bidding contracts like Rainbow Environmental, and high-density housing and 6 story high-rise offices.

-Bad community morale with City Hall misinformation – full page Magazine ads… leading words, incorrect surveys, stating “temporary” (20 years), 1 cent, $100 million+ taken from the City, etc.

-Wasted $24,950 on biased February phone survey to few residents.

-Incumbents want Clear Channel sign; I fought against this 30-year dormant eyesore. Nagel says may come.


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