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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de San ClementeCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Steven Swartz

Steven Swartz

Local Business Owner
11,421 votos (23%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Make San Clemente safer by cracking down on the 'bad neighbor' Sober Living group homes that are bringing increased crime and drugs to our community.
  • Support our Police Services with a realignment of our budget priorities making Public Safety the number one priority to respond to the increase in crime.
  • Preserve San Clemente's unique heritage while making city government a better partner to help local businesses to create jobs and generate sales tax revenue.



Profesión:Local Business Owner -- South Coast Surety
President/CEO, South Coast Surety Ins. Services Inc (1995–current)


Military Veteran:  Served in the United State Air Force.

Businessman:  Local Business Owner since 1989.  45 years of experience in financial management.

Community Leader:  Served as Chair of the San Clemente Parks, Recreation and Beaches Commission.

Civic Volunteer:  Former President of the San Clemente Sunrise Rotary.

Neighborhood Advocate:  Homeowners Association President in the Forester Ranch Neighborhood.

Family Man:  Married to Nicki.  They are blessed with a son, Kyle.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Orange County Republican Party
  • San Clemente Chamber of Commerce
  • San Clement Realtors

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

It’s time for new leadership to make San Clemente a safer community.

For more than 25 years, I have been deeply involved in San Clemente. I raised my family here; built a successful local business; and am planning to retire here.  I ask for your vote to protect San Clemente’s quality of life and provide sound financial management at City Hall.

My priorities include:

1) Safer Neighborhoods:  Stop the proliferation of Sober Living Facilities that bring crime, drugs, and unwanted nuisances which are jeopardizing our quality of life. Provide needed increase in support for our police services.

2) Greater Fiscal Responsibility:  Use my 45 years of experience in banking and finance to prevent wasteful city spending with excessive legal fees and litigation and protect taxpayers from excessive employee pension debt.

3) Better Planning:  Preserve San Clemente’s unique heritage.  Improve our city’s business climate. Revitalize the Pier Bowl, the El Camino Real Corridor and our Historic Downtown. All parts of San Clemente Count.


For a safer San Clemente…Vote Steve Swartz on November 8.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Why are incidents of Crime Increasing in San Clemente?


The number one purpose and goal of any city council should be the safety and security of its citizens. As too many of the residents of San Clemente can attest, the City Council has failed in their responsibility for protecting our community.

The City Council of San Clemente failed to recognize and respond to the significant growth in across the board acts of crime until a local group of concerned citizens organized and demanded action for the City Council. Even then, their initial response was to promote reports based on two and three year old data that claimed a low level of crime in San Clemente.  


The citizens of San Clemente responded that current levels of crime are a problem made worse by the low ratio of police to our city’s resident and visitor populations. It was highlighted that cities up and down the coast of California, including cities of similar size, have more than twice the number of officers in ratio to their populations than San Clemente. The City Council of San Clemente elected to spend $50,000 for a study of our police services that would delay any action from the City Council until after the November elections.


While the City Council of San Clemente increased the payroll and positions in city hall, they have cut back on our police staffing and hours of operation to balance the budget. Yes, our city must maintain a balanced budget; but, it should not be balanced at the cost of life and property of San Clemente residents. Our police patrols are often overtasked with the number of break-ins, burglary’s, fights and shootings currently happening in San Clemente.


With the Prop 47 release of felons combined with the proliferation of Sober/Addict residences attracting drug activity and the tremendous growth of transients living within the borders of San Clemente, now is not the time to be soft on crime. Nor do we have the luxury to let things slide while we pay for studies.


San Clemente needs to take firm action now to increase our police patrols, involve residents and local non-profits in responding to the transient and drug related problems and put criminals on notice that they are not welcome in San Clemente. 

The Sober/Addict Living Homes in San Clemente


Has the San Clemente City Council done enough to manage the Sober/Addict Homes that are in in the middle of so many of our family neighborhoods? Based on the current number of such homes that are still fully operating within San Clemente family neighborhoods, it appears that more needs to be done.

We have seen, as has many other coastal communities, a tremendous growth of Sober/Addict homes and facilities. Up until the last year or so, the Sober/Addict Recovery Industry was primarily supported by non-profit groups that were primarily concerned with the patients’ health and welfare.


The more recent growth has been fueled by a combination of the California legislation requiring treatment in lieu of any incarceration and the Affordable Care Act that was created by the Federal government. These two actions created a new profit motivated industry that has the primary goal of generating profits with not much concern for patient care. They have taken advantage of the federally imposed disability classification for individuals in recovery and used it to skirt most oversight and regulation.


Our city council had an agenda on the books to eliminate vacation home rentals within most of San Clemente. In reaction to mounting pressure from residents through most of our city, the city council then decided to combine their restrictions on Short Term Rentals into an ordinance that also would restrict Sober/Addict Living Homes. This was done instead of following the leads of a number of nearby cities who were successful in curtailing and reducing the Sober/Addict Homes in their jurisdictions. Other cities have addressed these “Group Homes”, successfully, limiting the location, numbers and concentration of residences that rent bedrooms to unrelated individuals. .



Our city council needs to become proactive instead of reactive in their management of the safety and welfare of San Clemente. The Sober/Addict Living Homes should have been a priority much earlier. An ordinance could have been crafted on the lines of the successful cities that severely restricted the populating of “Group Homes” in family neighborhoods. As your City Council Representative I would make this a top priority to address effective and productive changes that can be made.

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