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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

City of Daly City
Measure V - 2/3 Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

No se aprueba

13,669 votos si (46.9%)

15,461 votos no (53.1%)

100% de distritos activos (34/34).

323,303 boletas electorales serán contadas.

Shall the Public Safety Parcel Tax Ordinance imposing a flat tax on each parcel of real property within the City of Daly City at the rate of $162.00 per parcel, per year, for a period of five years, to be billed on the annual property tax bill sent by the tax collector of San Mateo County, thereby generating an estimated $3.8 million annually to restore 10 specific police and fire personnel and related operational costs, be adopted?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

City Attorney of Daly City

The City Council for Daly City has placed Measure V on the November 8, 2016 ballot. Measure V proposes to add Chapter 3.26, titled Public Safety Parcel Tax, to the Daly City Municipal Code and provides for the collection of a special parcel tax.

The Public Safety Parcel Tax is a special tax on each parcel of real property in Daly City and is authorized under the authority of Section 4 of Article XIII-A of the California Constitution. A "special" tax is a tax that the City can use only for the purposes specified in the tax measure. The tax rates in Measure V comply with the California Constitution. Measure V would correspondingly increase the appropriations limit under Article XIII-B of the California Constitution.

As a special tax, one hundred percent of the proceeds would go to the City's general fund and only be used to fund the restoration of police and fire personnel and related operational costs. The special parcel tax will cover salaries and benefits, recruitment, training, uniforms, protective gear, and fire appartus costs for police and fire personnel for a period of five years. Daly City may not use the funds for any other purpose.

The Public Safety Parcel Tax will commence on July 1, 2017 on all taxable parcels of real property, improved or unimproved, in Daly City at ther rate of $162.00 per parcel per year for a period of five years ending June 30, 2022. The special tax is a flat tax on each parcel of real property in Daly City and will not increase at any time during the five-year period.

A "Yes" vote on Measure V means the voter is in favor of approving the Public Safety Parcel Tax for Daly City.

A "No" vote means the voter is opposed and tax would not be collected.

Two-thirds of the qualified voters casting a vote must vote "yes" for the measure to pass.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure V. The full measure is printed in the Voter's Information Pamphlet. 

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

A YES vote on Measure V restores and maintains current levels of police and fire emergency services.

A YES vote maintains the high quality police and fire protection services we count on in Daly City.

Daly City was forced to cut staff and services to balance its budget, while trying to minimize the effects of these cuts on our residents. The community deserves quality services but it is difficult to pay for the all the services needed.

If Measure V is not approved by 66 2/3% of Daly City voters, the budget cuts resulting in the loss of six police officer and nine firefighter/paramedic popsitions, including the elimination of the fire engine at FIRE STATION 95, will continue. These cuts severely impact public safety services. The community's safety and well-being rely on maintaining the current level of police and fire protection.

A YES vote approving an annual parcel tax at $162 a year, or $13.50 a month, for five years is required to save the police and fire services that this community needs and deserves.

A YES vote will generate $3.8 million each year for five years to fully cover salaries and benefits, recruitment, training, uniforms, protective gear, and fire apparatus costs for police and fire personnel.

Your YES vote will restore police officers and firefighters in Daly City.  THIS LOCAL TAX WILL STAY IN DALY CITY to preserve public safety, and protect our property.

We urge your YES vote on Measure V. We are fortunate to live in a vibrant and safe city. Passage of Measure V will maintain the high quality services provided by our outstanding public safety professionals. LET'S KEEP OUR CITY SAFE!

Please join us in voting YES on this important measure.

/s/ Gonzalo "Sal" Torres, Mayor, City of Daly City

/s/ David J. Canepa, Vice Mayor, City of Daly City

/s/ Judith A. Christensen, Councilmember, City of Daly City

/s/ Michael P. Guingona, Councilmember, City of Daly City

/s/ Raymond A. Buenaventura, Councilmember, City of Daly City 

Argumento EN CONTRA

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