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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

City of Stanton
Measure QQ Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

No se aprueba

2,987 votos si (31.7%)

6,423 votos no (68.3%)

100% de distritos activos (20/20).

Shall City of Stanton Ordinance #1045, adopted by voters on November 4, 2014, to generate revenues for city services such as neighborhood police patrols, fire protection services/paramedics, business/job creation, and senior programs, be repealed?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Un voto por el SÍ significa

A “Yes” vote on Measure QQ will repeal the Transactions and Use Tax.

Un voto por el NO significa

A “No” vote on Measure QQ will not repeal the Transactions and Use Tax.


No document was filed.

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

Stanton City Attorney

On November 4, 2014, Stanton voters approved the enactment of a one cent (1%) Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax (TUT) on the retail sale and use of goods within the City. The TUT is a general tax, meaning that TUT revenues are paid into the City’s General Fund. The TUT generates approximately $3,769,000 in local General Fund revenues every year. General Fund revenues are budgeted by the City Council annually for general city services, such as police and fire protection, emergency response, library services, street maintenance and public works, and parks and recreational programs.

If approved by a majority of Stanton voters, Measure QQ would amend the City’s Municipal Code by repealing the TUT in its entirety.

On October 13, 2015 the City Council determined that Measure QQ had obtained sufficient petition signatures to qualify for the ballot under California Elections law. Therefore, on November 10, 2015 the City Council placed Measure QQ on the ballot for Stanton’s next Regular Election, to be held on November 8, 2016.

If the measure is approved, the General Fund will no longer receive TUT revenues, resulting in a loss to the General Fund of approximately $3,769,000 per year. The TUT is the City’s third largest source of General Fund revenue (18.8%) after property and sales taxes. If the TUT were repealed, there would be a significant impact on the City’s ability to provide services and programs at current levels.

The City Council will have to decide, as part of the budgeting process, whether alternative revenues are available, or whether City services and programs will have to be reduced or eliminated. Current options being considered to offset this potential revenue loss include: reducing law enforcement staff by 36% (eight deputies), the elimination of economic development programs including grants for businesses and homeowners to make property improvements, and business attraction and retention programs. For a more detailed discussion of the potential impacts of Measure QQ, we refer you via the hyperlink below to Staff’s impartial impact report to the City Council on November 10, 2015.×tamp=1470250525359 (See, agenda item #12B)

Measure QQ requires simple majority approval of the voters to pass.

A “Yes” vote on Measure QQ will repeal the Transactions and Use Tax.

A “No” vote on Measure QQ will not repeal the Transactions and Use Tax.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure QQ. If you desire a copy of the Measure, please call the elections official’s office at (714) 890-4245 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

s/ Matthew E. Richardson
City Attorney

Efectos fiscales

No document was filed.

Tax rate

No document was filed.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

When Stanton politicians put a sales tax increase on the ballot, they promised us it was the “Public Safety and Essential Services Protection Measure.’’ When Stanton voters narrowly approved the increase, how many of us knew the money would be spent on politicians and bureaucrats?

City spending of our taxpayer money has exploded in all sorts of areas since 2014, including politicians and bureaucrats:

Elected Officials ~13% more funding

Administrative Services ~20% more bureaucrats

Parks & Recreation ~25% more bureaucrats ~43% more funding

Code Enforcement ~25% more funding ~33% more bureaucrats

Politicians and bureaucrats are clearly wasting Stanton taxpayer money. The sales tax increase goes into the general fund, with no guarantee that any of this taxpayer money goes to public safety and essential services. It’s not being used for a specific purpose like City Hall wants you to believe.

The establishment has ripped us off! Economists point out sales taxes hurt the poor and increase income inequality.

We pay too many taxes already in Stanton:

• There’s a Stanton Utility Tax on each cell phone, home phone, electricity, water, and natural gas.
• We are charged a local tax for lighting and landscaping.
• Without a vote of the people, the politicians have raised the local sewer fee on us multiple times and raised the trash fee on us.
• We have the highest sales tax in all of Orange County!

Countless things we do are subject to a separate Stanton tax or fee.

The Stanton sales tax collected a $500,000 surplus in the first year alone! The politicians have convinced us to overtax ourselves for far too long.

For probably the first and last time in your lifetime, you get the opportunity to vote out a tax. Vote YES on Measure QQ to repeal the sales tax on Stanton.

s/ Sal Sapien
Former Central Committee Member, Democratic Party of Orange County
s/ Kevin Carr, Jr. Stanton Taxpayer
s/ Rick Muth Former Member, Stanton Oversight Board

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Argumento EN CONTRA

Keep our critical police, fire and 911 emergency services! Vote NO on MEASURE QQ!

Since 2014, voters approved local funding that has allowed our community to maintain public safety services and 911 emergency responses.

MEASURE QQ would eliminate over $3.5 million dollars that we, local Stanton voters, approved to fund police, fire, 911 emergency response and other essential services.

Vote NO on MEASURE QQ to keep local funding for critical city services, including 911 emergency responses, police patrols, gang violence prevention, and homeless/prostitution enforcement.

MAKE NO MISTAKE – Without continued local funding, Stanton will have to eliminate over $3.5 million dollars in vital city services:

• $2,340,000 loss of funding for Police Services including 10 deputies responsible for 911 emergency response, homeless/ prostitution enforcement, gang/youth violence prevention.
• $550,000 loss of funding for Fire Protection Services including cuts of Firefighters/Paramedics operating fire engines and EMT Ambulance delivery.
• $680,000 loss of funding for other essential City services, including school crossing guards; programs attracting new businesses, jobs and economic growth and family/senior services.

Don’t believe wealthy out of town interests that are paying for Measure QQ. In 2014, Stanton voters approved local funding to replace state theft of local funds and to keep critical city services. Now, because the election didn’t go their way, they want to overturn our 2014 vote! THEY DON’T RESPECT OUR VOTE!

THE TRUTH IS, Stanton’s voter-approved local funding provides for police, fire and 911 emergency services that are making Stanton safer, stronger and improving our quality of life. That’s why a task force of community residents including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents along with Stanton’s Deputy Sheriffs, Firefighters/Paramedics, school and business leaders, and neighborhood watch advocates OPPOSE Measure QQ.

Visit Keep Stanton Safe.

Vote NO on Measure QQ.

s/ Jenny L. Lacayo
Stanton Public Safety Committee Member Stanton Resident

s/ Nancy K. Heitman
Board Member, Stanton Community Foundation 53 Years Resident of Stanton

s/ Kenneth Ash
Retired Police Officer Resident of Stanton

s/ Banny Hong
Stanton Business Owner President, Taste of Burma, Inc.

s/ Jimmy Ta
Property Manager, Continental Garden Apts.

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Refutación al argumento A FAVOR

We, the voters of Stanton, already decided this issue two years ago. Public safety, 911 emergency response, safe parks, school crossing guards, and other vital public services are important!

We voted to Protect Stanton and to Protect our residents.

The results have been dramatic:

• New programs to address homelessness, resulting in relocating over 100 individuals/families
• Providing more Sheriff Deputies including a Motorcycle Traffic Deputy
• School Crossing Guards to protect our children
New businesses creating jobs in Stanton
• Replenished reserves and City Emergency Rainy Day Fund
• Support of gang prevention programs that keep our children safe

Ask yourself these important questions:
• Do you want to fire 10 of our 22 Sheriff Deputies? If No, Vote No on QQ.
• Do you want longer 911 emergency police/fire/paramedic response times? If No, Vote No on QQ.
• Do you want to see an increase in gangs, homeless and prostitution? If No, Vote No on QQ.
• Do you want to close parks and eliminate public services? If No, Vote No on QQ.

Wealthy outside special interests have targeted Stanton, forcing their personal agenda of “No Public Safety” and “No City Services” on Stanton residents. We urge you to reject their harmful Measure QQ.

We already voted in 2014 to Protect Stanton. Now, these outsiders who lost the election have spent tens of thousands of dollars to force the issue back on the ballot. Just Say No to these non-residents by voting NO on QQ.

STOP the repeal-- Vote NO on QQ!

s/ Jenny L. Lacayo
Stanton Public Safety Committee Member

s/ Nancy K. Heitman
Board Member, Stanton Community Foundation

s/ Kenneth G. Ash
Retired Police Officer Stanton Resident

s/ Banny Hong
President, Taste of Burma, Inc. Stanton Business Owner

s/ Jimmy Ta
Property Manager, Continental Gardens Apts

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Refutación al argumento EN CONTRA

Probably for the first and last time in our lives, we can vote out a tax, so don’t let the tax-raisers fool you. Vote Yes on QQ and RR!

The real facts:

• Fewer than 7% of Stanton residents voted for the 2014 sales tax after being told it was for “safety services,” but much of it went to wasteful bureaucracy.
Stanton residents put QQ and RR on the ballot. If the tax was really being used for “safety services,” do you think Stanton residents would try to eliminate it? • Protect our Proposition 13 rights! We’re charged 6 taxes for “safety services” already: Stanton Utility Tax on electricity, water, natural gas, cell phone, home phone, and a protective service fee.
• What happened to the Utility Tax we’ve paid for 24 years? They told us they’d spend it on “safety services.”

Stanton’s establishment has been entrenched for too long, relying on the same tired solutions repeatedly: raising taxes. We need fresh eyes, fresh perspectives.

• Many Stanton government employees receive $150,000+ annually. This has to stop! Average Stanton households earn only ~$46,000 annually.
• OC Weekly reported: The Stanton establishment spent $24,000,000 on a land scheme that was supposed to cost 1/4 of that. It will cost millions more with interest! • Their failed redevelopment agency scheme squandered our taxpayer dollars. Vote Yes on QQ and RR to stop rewarding the people who wasted $18,000,000 of our taxpayer money!

Fix Stanton: Vote Yes on QQ and RR!

s/ John M.W. Moorlach
California State Senator

s/ Sal Sapien
Former Central Committee Member, Democratic Party of Orange County

s/ Rick Muth
Former Member, Stanton Oversight Board

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Leer la legislación propuesta

Legislación propuesta



SECTION 1. Repeal of City’s Transactions and Use Tax in its Entirety. Chapter 3.05 of Title 3 of the Stanton Municipal Code, authorizing the City’s Transactions and Use Tax, is hereby repealed in its entirety.

SECTION 2. Effective Date. Pursuant to California Constitution Article XIIIC §3 and California Elections Code §9217, if a majority of the qualified voters voting in the election on Measure “QQ” vote in favor of the adoption of such measure, this ordinance shall be deemed valid and binding and shall be considered as adopted upon the date that the vote is declared by the City Council, and shall go into effect ten (10) days after that date.

SECTION 3. Severability. The provisions of this ordinance are severable. If any provision of this measure or application thereof is held invalid, that invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications if they can be given effect without the invalid provision or application.

SECTION 4. Certification/Summary. Following the City Clerk’s certification that the citizens of Stanton have approved this Ordinance, the Mayor shall sign this Ordinance and the City Clerk shall cause the same to be entered in the book of original ordinances of said City; and shall cause the same, or a summary thereof, to be published as required by law. 

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