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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

City of Stanton
Measure RR Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

Se aprueba

6,916 votos si (75.2%)

2,276 votos no (24.8%)

100% de distritos activos (20/20).

Shall the City of Stanton adopt a measure providing that a person may not hold office as a City Council member if he or she has, after December 31, 2015, served on the City Council for two full terms?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Un voto por el SÍ significa

A “Yes” vote on Measure RR will approve the Term Limits Measure.

Un voto por el NO significa

A “No” vote on Measure RR will not approve the Term Limits Measure.


No document was filed.

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

City Attorney

The City of Stanton does not currently impose limits on the number of terms one may serve on the City Council.

Measure RR provides that a person may not hold office as a Stanton City Councilmember if that person has, after December 31, 2015, served on the City Council for two full terms (eight years).

On October 13, 2015 the City Council determined that Measure RR had obtained sufficient petition signatures to qualify for the ballot under California Elections law. Therefore, on November 10, 2015 the City Council placed Measure RR on the ballot for Stanton’s next Regular Election, to be held on November 8, 2016.

If Measure RR is approved, the two-term limit provided therein will only apply to future City Council terms starting with the November 8, 2016 election. While Measure RR purports to make a Councilmember’s current term of service count against the two-term limit (by setting a December 31, 2015 index date) California Government Code Section 36502(b) states that a City term limit measure may only apply prospectively. Therefore, new or re-elected Councilmembers in 2016 would serve their first term under the two-term limit starting with the November 8, 2016 election (eligible to be re-elected in November, 2020). Further, new or re-elected Councilmembers in 2018 would serve their first term under the two-term limit starting with the November, 2018 election (eligible to be re-elected in November, 2022). Once a Councilmember has served two full 4-year terms after these dates, the two-term limit will apply and he or she would no longer be eligible to serve on the City Council.

If the measure is approved, there may be a loss of institutional knowledge on the City Council, as incumbents are termed out. There may also be additional costs to the City for training and education of new Councilmembers. For a more detailed discussion of the potential impacts of Measure RR, we refer you via the hyperlink below to Staff’s impartial impact report to the City Council on November 10, 2015.×tamp=1470250525359(See, agenda item #12B)

Measure RR requires simple majority approval of the voters to pass.

A “Yes” vote on Measure RR will approve the Term Limits Measure.

A “No” vote on Measure RR will not approve the Term Limits Measure.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure RR. If you desire a copy of the Measure, please call the elections official’s office at (714) 890-4245 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

s/ Matthew E. Richardson
City Attorney

Efectos fiscales

No document was filed.

Tax rate

No document was filed.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

Yes on Measure RR implements term limits for Stanton City Council, which will create more competitive elections, encourage more people to run for office, and give voters a wider choice of who we can select to represent us on the Stanton City Council.

The President of the United States is subject to term limits. So are the Governor of California, California State Legislators, and Orange County Supervisors.

There are term limits for city council in 25 out of 34 Orange County cities, including our neighboring cities of Cypress, Garden Grove, and Anaheim.

• Measure RR stops career politicians from ruling Stanton.
• Measure RR prevents the revolving door of politicians hopping between political offices.
• Measure RR ensures we have true citizen politicians who leave office and return to civilian life.
• Measure RR brings fresh perspectives to our city council.

Did you know the majority of our City Councilmembers live less than 350 feet apart on the same street? When a rare opening on our city council occurred due to a resignation, half our remaining City Councilmembers appointed their neighbor across the street to fill the City Council seat.

Most of our Councilmembers have been on the council for nearly 20 years or more! Only one incumbent Councilmember has been defeated in the last 20 years.

Despite Stanton being majority Hispanic and nearly a quarter AsianAmerican, Stanton has only one Hispanic Councilmember and no Asian-American Councilmembers.

Term limits help reduce the power of special interests who contribute to Councilmember’s re-election campaigns year after year. Measure RR means a Councilmember could only run for re-election once, encouraging good government decisions instead of catering to special interests to win the next election.

Vote “Yes” on Measure RR to stop career politicians and make our city government more accountable to Stanton residents.

s/ Sal Sapien
Former Mayor of Stanton

s/ Kevin Carr, Jr.
Stanton Taxpayer

s/ Rick Muth
Stanton Citizen of the Year, Cypress College Foundation, 2000

No argument against this measure was submitted.

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Argumento EN CONTRA

No Argument Against was filed.

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Refutación al argumento A FAVOR

No Rebuttal to Pro Argument could be filed.

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Refutación al argumento EN CONTRA

No Rebuttal to Con Argument could be filed.

— Orange County Registrar of Voters

Leer la legislación propuesta

Legislación propuesta



SECTION 1. Section 2.04.070 Added to Municipal Code. Section 2.04.070 is hereby added to Chapter 2.04 of Title 2 of the Stanton Municipal Code, to read as follows:

“2.04.070. A person is ineligible to hold office as a member of the City Council if such person has subsequent to December 31, 2015 served on the City Council for two full terms.”

SECTION 2. Effective Date. Pursuant to California Government Code §36502 and California Elections Code §9217, if a majority of the qualified voters voting in the election on Measure RR vote in favor of the adoption of such measure, this ordinance shall be deemed valid and binding and shall be considered as adopted upon the date that the vote is declared by the City Council, and shall go into effect ten (10) days after that date.

SECTION 3. Severability. The provisions of this ordinance are severable. If any provision of this measure or application thereof is held invalid, that invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications if they can be given effect without the invalid provision or application.

SECTION 4. Certification/Summary. Following the City Clerk’s certification that the citizens of Stanton have approved this Ordinance, the Mayor shall sign this Ordinance and the City Clerk shall cause the same to be entered in the book of original ordinances of said City; and shall cause the same, or a summary thereof, to be published as required by law.

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