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November 7, 2017 — Local Elections

Candidato para Miembre de Junta

Photo de Roland Cano

Roland Cano

Community Volunteer
511 votos (5.17%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Enhance the state's current kindergarten through 3rd grade standards for "all" students in order to align them with early learning and develop standards accross all essential domains of school readiness.
  • Ensuring transition planning between Early Learning and Development Programs and elementary schools, this includes IEP's and 504 planning between current team and the team that will be working with the student in the upcoming grade level.
  • Increasing the percentage of "all" students, ex. (EL Students, Special Needs Students), to read and do mathematics at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade.


Actividades comunitarias

Longfellow Elementary ELAC President, Whittier City School District (2017–current)
Installation Art Project; the Longfellow Elementary School Library Art Proj, Square two, because we can't go back to square one (2013–current)
Longfellow Special Education PTA Committee Chairman, Longfellow Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (2013–current)
WCSD DELAC Vice-President, Whittier City School District (2016–2017)
Longfellow School Site Council Chairman, Whittier City School District (2013–2014)

Creencias poliza

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

This is our institution


There needs to be a true platform for parents to work in conjunction with the school district as an active participant in the restructuring of the Single Plan for Student Achivement, and the Local Control and Accountability Plan and not just a signature.

Workshops do not represent parent involvement. When it comes to the LCAP and the SPSA parents have no idea what their role is as a member of the School Site Council or when attending an LCAP meeting. Parents need to be trained and informed as to the degree of importance that these documents hold. You have parents that have great outcomes for their child and no complaints against school programs but this is not always the case. When parents raise issues on behalf of their childrens needs, there are moments where the parents are dismissed and the student falls through the cracks in the system. We need to continue to modify the current system and reach out to these parents in the attempt to create a more efficient system that hears the voice of the parent advocating for their child. This institution belongs to it's community and not the other way around.

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