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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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City of PomonaCandidate for City Council, District 6

Photo of George Okekenweje

George Okekenweje

Minister/Security Specialist
1,014 votes (14.33%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • To create a safety environment by putting an end the growing numbers of homeless and prostitution issues in our community
  • To promote diversity and improve the relationship between our community and the city government.
  • To improve quality of life in the City of Pomona, unite the youths from different ethnicities (together) to reduce violence and gang related activities, to see a city with crime free, good governance, friendly community policing and business haven



Keller Graduate School of Management Master of Art, Public Administration (2015)
DeVry University Barchelor of Art , Justice Administration (2013)

Community Activities

Volunteer, American Red Cross Society (2012–2014)

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Safety and Environment


Safety issues, the City Pomona of have over 17 rehablitation centers scattered all over the city residential and comerical areas that saw a maximum increase in homelss and prostitution issues which caused a big security and safety concern to both residents and business owners due to the type of patients that visit them.

Environment, the City of Pomona have more than 20 active recycling and waste plants are not well kept, closed to residential areas, schools and commercial hub putting the residents, school children and shoppers to healthy risks.    





Rehabilitation Centers:- Pomona is the only city among all our neighboring cities that have more than 17 rehabilitation centers and homes and still counting. While others cities are having 1 or 2 and their locations is inside or close to government reserved areas such as city hall and other public buildings. Pomona has its 17 rehabilitation centers all over the city. Majority of them are in residential and commercial areas. These rehabilitation centers are attracting different kinds of people from different cities and states which include drug addicts, ex-gang members, ex-cons, sex offenders etc. After showing up at the center, they will hang around inside the neighborhoods and business areas roaming around with different characters and attitudes. The safety of our school children are in danger, even playing outside is no longer safe, the shoppers and other visitors are being harassed by them.


Why should Pomona have over 17 rehabilitation centers? Why should the city hall give them permits to be in residential and commercial areas?  What did Pomona benefit from it? The answer is nothing. The result of this gigantic number of rehabs in the city is massive increase in homeless and prostitutes in our community, businesses moving out of the city, good paying jobs choose our neighboring cities, endangerment of safety to our kids and decrease in property value. The loss is far greater than the gain. They are part of the city poor revenue and safety. The city livability is poor due to their presence. It is a night mare to concern parents. The city parks are full of strangers and their properties and no parent will like his/her child to be a victim of sexual crime of any kind, or be a victim of second hand smoking or to grow up with that kind of view. What will the child future be by seeing half naked people every day of his/her life, hearing curses and negative words? Most of these rehabs and homes are in District 6 which is mainly residential areas. The owners are taking advantage of the city poor property value to have their businesses among quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. The kids are witnessing drunken people every day on the street, people driving above the street limit and shouting both day and night. District 6 is no longer the quiet place it used to be. Something must be done before it gets out of hand.


Recycling and waste plant: The residents living close to these plants are not sleeping, the noise from the plants are nightmare to the people living in that area and those using the commercial areas closed to them. Not only that, the emission from their heavy deiseal trucks and other machines causing a heavy pollution. The kids and residents are being exposed to lead and other dangerous chemicals. The city of Pomona has enough pollution due to the city land scape, having more than 4 free and highways with everyday heavy trucks. Again, the city is not generating anything from these plants or the plants contributing anything to the city revenue. We should say no to these for the sake of our kids and the future generation. I have been in a plant in Rancho Cucamonga, It is neat and well kept, if I elected, I will make sure that their numbers is reduced, put a code and monitoring team in place. Make sure that they are not in residential areas and force them to go green. The residents of Pomona deserve best, clean air, clean street. 


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