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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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City of Carson
Measure TL - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


23,805 votes yes (77.28%)

6,998 votes no (22.72%)

100% of precincts reporting (56/56).

Shall Ordinance 16-1598, establishing a lifetime term limit of three (3) terms of four (4) years each served as an elected official in the City of Carson, including Mayor, member of the City Council, City Clerk, City Treasurer, or any combination of elected offices, be approved?

What is this proposal?

Pros & Cons — Unbiased explanation with arguments for and against

Information provided by PRO Albert Robles, Mayor; Lula Holmes, MyrProTem; Cedric Hicks, Council CON: Donesia Gause City Clerk M. Cooper, Treas.

Supporters say

Presently, each elected official in Carson can serve an unlimited number of

four-year terms as Mayor, Councilmember, City Treasurer and/or City Clerk, as

there are no limits on the number of terms a Carson elected City official may

serve. In fact, a Carson elected official can presently serve forever – until their

death. This measure was placed on the ballot by the Carson City Council and

would restrict Carson elected official to serving a maximum of three terms,

whether served consecutively or nonconsecutively.

Every statewide elected office in California has terms limits, (Governor,

Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, Attorney General, Controller, Secretary of State,

State Legislature, etc.), and as do many successful cities throughout the state and

in our County.

With term limits, instead of career politicians running for we will have citizen

leaders. Term Limits give voters a real chance at change and making a difference

that is why they are so popular throughout the County, State and Country. With

term limits Carson will progress and advance with new ideas, different proposals. 

So who is opposed to term-limits in Carson? The two individuals that signed the

argument against term-limits are the current City Clerk and current City

Treasurer, the very same individuals that would become subject to term-limits.

With all due respect, their argument against the proposed Carson term-limits

measure rings hollow, because their only argument is based on self-interest. The

fact is their offices (City Clerk and City Treasurer) are subject to the exact same

requirements and conditions of the other local elected offices in Carson, and as

such the office of City Clerk and City Treasurer should be subject to the same

term-limits too. The City Clerk and City Treasurer also need from time to time

new ideas, new solutions and a fresh new perspective that can only come from

new leadership.

Vote Yes on Term-Limits Measure TL

Opponents say

On face value term limits may sound like a great idea. However, the way the

question is written for you to answer is NOT in your best interest nor is it good

governance. Here’s why – YOUR fulltime City Clerk and Treasurer were

included. In the State of California, term limits for fulltime City Clerk’s and

Treasurers are unheard of, given the nature of their duties.

Unlike Mayor and City Council, the City Clerk and Treasure must have specific

knowledge to successfully perform their duties. Additionally, trained City Clerks

and Treasurers are professional administrators and lend greatly to the continuity

of good city government.

Tenure is important for YOUR City Clerk and Treasurer; they build historical

knowledge of the City, its Citizens and its Businesses. The City Clerk and

Treasurer act as your watch dog. They safeguard YOUR records and YOUR

money. Term limits would demand they leave office – even if they are doing a

great job on your behalf.

Term Limits imposed on City Clerk and Treasurer would only serve to bind up

the only two public servants directly hired by you and who keeps the checks and

balances of government in the best of interest of the people, and would only

harm the professionalism of those positions. In the long-term, Carson residents

would stand to lose the most.

Term Limits TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE and prohibits you

from hiring the most qualified person for the job! Don’t allow term limits to

replace your democracy with a law that does not work.

Citizens of Carson please protect YOUR government. Don’t allow YOUR right

to decide who you want in office to be taken away from you.  Vote No on Term Limits. Donesia L Gause, CMC City Clerk; Monica Cooper, Treasurer

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal


Carson City Council voted to place Measure TL on the November 8, 2016

general municipal election. It proposes a lifetime limit of three terms upon the

following Carson elected offices: Mayor, City Council Member, City Clerk, and

City Treasurer.

Term Limits. If approved, this measure adds Chapter 12 to Article II of the

Carson Municipal Code and imposes a lifetime limit of three terms, of four years

each, upon the elected offices of Mayor, City Council Member, City Clerk, and

City Treasurer. The lifetime limit of three terms will be counted using an

individual’s terms of service in any combination of above-mentioned elected

offices, regardless of whether terms are consecutively served, and regardless of

whether an individual is elected or appointed to the above-mentioned elected

offices. For example, the three term limit is reached if an individual serves a term

as an elected Mayor, a term as an appointed City Council Member, and a term as

an elected City Clerk. The lifetime limit of three terms is also reached if an

individual serves three consecutive terms as Mayor. A term of office for each of

the above-mentioned elected offices is currently four years. There is currently no

limit on the number of terms that may be served.

Partial Terms. In calculating whether the lifetime limit of three terms is reached,

unexpired terms to which an individual is elected or appointed will not be

counted if the remainder of the unexpired term is less than one-half of a term of

office. However, if an individual who is already serving in a non-mayoral elected

office of the City of Carson is elected to the Office of Mayor, the uncompleted

term of office will not be counted towards the lifetime limit of three terms if the

individual is elected to the Office of Mayor at a general municipal election and

the individual’s current non-mayoral elected office is not scheduled for election

at the same general municipal election.

Application. The lifetime limit of three terms will apply to terms of office

beginning on or after the November 8, 2016 general municipal election.

Amendments. The methodology of counting partial terms may be amended by a

majority vote of the City Council provided that those amendments are consistent

with and further the purposes of this measure. All other amendments require

approval of the City’s voters.

A “Yes” vote means voting in favor of establishing a term limit of three terms for

the elected offices of the Mayor, City Council Member, City Clerk, and City

Treasurer, as described above. A “No” vote is a vote against such term limits.

This measure will take effect only if a majority of voters vote “Yes” at the

November 8, 2016 general municipal election.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

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