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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 251 Year Short Term

Photo of Kenneth Jenks

Kenneth Jenks

Telecommunications Executive
2,498 votes (1.6%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Economy - Capitalism, deficit reduction, balanced budget aligned with a balanced economy. Fiscal and monetary policy that promotes full employment, GDP growth, and controls inflation.
  • Collaborate to improve Health Care that covers pre existing conditions and doctors, lower prescrition drug prices, and sustainable policies that protect for the young and old. Environment is directly related to Health Care.
  • Three Ss - Security, Soveriegnty, and Safety. An expert technologist and engibeer in telecommunications, Kenneth is skilled in the area of cybersecuruity.



Profession:Telecommunications Executive
Telecommunications Sr Management, Charter Communications - Spectrum Enterprise (2017–current)
Director of Engineering, Suddenlink (Acquired by Altice 2016) (2014–2016)
Vice President Product and Technology Operations, ANPI (Acquired by Onvoy 2014) (2012–2014)
Director of Operations Engineering, AireSpring -Metro Fiber -Pac Bell Mobile/Cingular Wireless (1985–2012)
Board of Directors - not general public, Bridgeport HOA (Valencia CA) 850 homes, Lake, Cluhouse, Common Grounds — Appointed position (2003–2005)
Sgt Non-Commissioned Officer, United States Marine Corps (1980–1984)


Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Executive MBA, Leadership, Finance, Mergers&Acquisitions, Valuation, Marketing, Operations, Economics, HRM, Corporate Strategy (2016)
SMU Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center Specialized Executive Leadership Training, Roles of the CEO, Change Mgmt, Captial Aternatives, Drive Decisions, Effective Teams, Conflict Management, Program Mgmt (2015)
California State University Northridge Master of Science in Engineering Management, Areas of study - Operations Research, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Quality Engineering, Innovation, Management (2011)
Rochester Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science, Double concentrations in Telecommunications Engineering and Applied Computing - Computer Science (2009)
United States Marine Corps Communications Electronics School Marine Corps Communications Electronics, Telephone and Radio Systems Maintenance and Repair - Electronics Maint and Field Tactical (1981)

Community Activities

United States Masters Swimming and Southern Pacific Masters Swimming, USMS and SPMS (2003–current)
Drums and Percussion, From youth to present - Santa Clarita Blues Society, performances with national recording artists, college Big Band Jazz and Orchestra (1972–current)
Member, Veterans of Foriegn Wars (VFW) (2005–current)
Member, American Legion (2000–current)



 Kenneth was born and raised in a small rural town in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York State. Kenneth participated in music throughout his youth as a percussionist and drummer in marching band, concert band, a competitive drum and bugle corps, and jazz-rock band. A champion swimmer, Kenneth established his first school and pool records as a high school freshman. Kenneth has continued his passion with drums and percussion to this day. He performs with other local musicians in many venues, and he is a United States Masters Swimmer with several top fifty and top one-hundred National standings. Kenneth is also a fifteen year martial arts veteran.


Kenneth began working on potato farms and grape vineyards at age fourteen. He also worked weekends in the local Dansville Noyes Memorial Hospital and various other jobs. Money earned supported his musical activities and athletics such as summer swim camps and martial arts. These early years shaped a 40 year work ethic. Kenneth instilled the values of a strong work ethic in his own children.


Kenneth entered the United States Marine Corps at age 17. He is a meritorious Marine Corps warrior and campaign service medal veteran. Kenneth's primary military occupational specialty was tactical telephone  and radio communications-electronics systems repair following one year Marine Corps Communications Electronics School. Kenneth was a meritorious non-commissioned officer at age 19 while serving abroad on the Korean Peninsula, north of the 38th Parallel at the DMZ. Kenneth was a sergeant by 20 years of age. Kenneth also swam for the U.S. Marine Corps Swim Team and earned several Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. He is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Kenneth actively supports our military veterans.  

STRONG ON EDUCATION  - Engineering, Econ, Finance, Leadership, Business

While raising and supporting a family, Kenneth earned a bachelor of science in telecommunications engineering (communications-electronics) with a second concentration in computing (computer science) from Rochester Institute of Technology, a master of science in engineering management from California State University Northridge, and a top 10 Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. An area of focus is corporate finance, valuation, mergers and acquisitions.  Kenneth received specialized leadership training at the SMU Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center.


Kenneth is a 30 year resident of Valencia, CA in California's 25th Congressional District. A 34 year marriage to a Korean immigrant, they raised their son and daughter in Valencia. His now adult children were active in music and sports from a very young age with advanced skills two or more instruments and two or more sports each. Both completed graduate school early and are productive citizens with successful careers. Kenneth's daughter married her college freshman sweetheart and best friend. Kenneth's son-in-law also completed graduate school and has a successful career in finance. Kenneth's three young grandchildren took their first steps in Valencia. There are four languages spoken with fluency in his immediate family; English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. Kenneth's second language is Korean Hangul -  Hangugeo.  


Kenneth has been a key player in several startup operations with strong ROI from a few million startup capital to 300 million in annual revenues. He has been building and implementing carrier wireless, wireline, internet, enterprise data, voice and fiber optic networks throughout California, the U.S., and globally for 35 years. His work includes network security, cloud computing, cybersecurity, health care compliance, and federal and financial regulatory network compliance.


Kenneth has worked extensively with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) agency, Homeland Security, 911/E911 PSAPs, First Responder Mobile Pre-emptive Emergency Calling, Secure Communications to Heath Care and Financial Institutions throughout California and much more. He has also worked with great ALL AMERICAN innovative manufacturers such as REDCOM. REDCOM provides the most secure communications solutions in the world to first responders and countless other agencies and operators such as the Los Angeles Fire Department's 106 city fire stations and their department wide alerting systems and network. Kenneth is skilled in the area of secure communications algorithm design, protocols, cryptography data encryption standards (3DES / TDES), network firewalls, DMZ architecture, and risk mitigation from voice  and data denial of service (TDOS and DOS) attacks / threats in IP networks.

As the area operations engineering manager with one of two PCS1900 mobile providers in the late 90s, Kenneth oversaw the build and launch of the largest PCS 1900 MHz mobile services market in the Western U.S. - North Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo Counties.  Kenneth has been in the forefront of the digital wireless / mobile services evolution. Kenneth is skilled in the area of national cybersecurity in the mobile provider next generation 5G core and edge networks. These threats from foreign and domestic intruders extend to Internet, cable, and telecommunications service providers. What Kenneth has done with applied technology in physical and logical cybersecurity is taught in the top academic institutions in the U.S..

Kenneth's work includes coordination with various permitting agencies such as transportation, city, state, utilities, and railroad authorities.  Safety, environmental regulation, and seasonal constraints influence his work as well. 

Kenneth continues to implement carrier networks and enterprise services to  first responders, hospitals, school districts, universities, federal and state agencies municipalities, and large enterprise businesses.  He is leader, collaborator, pioneer and innovator in the telecommunications industry. Kenneth is an innovator, entrepreneur, pioneer throughout the era of local long distance deregulation, local calling deregulation (Telecommunications Act of 1996),  and international deregulation which have had a profound impact on capitalism, competition, innovation, and cost reduction. Kenneth has been a key contributor to numerous innovative services and product of the year awards.  

He has been the recipient of outstanding service awards from schools such as Playa Vista Elementary School District for implementing computer hardware, networks, and high speed internet services. Kenneth's list of telecommunications and technology contributions to children's hospitals, school districts, colleges, and universities throughout Southern California and District 25 are extensive. Kenneth was one of the team of four that built the fist internet peering points for the original Internet backbone network in Southern California following the Defense Agency Research Project (DARPA) and the development of Ethernet and Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) with Metro Fiber Systems.    


Kenneth stands for, fights for, and is passionate about liberty, equality, justice, rule of law, homeland security, sovereignty, secure borders, environment, capitalism that is free market driven, our Constitution as it is written, and America First. Jenks honors and respects our military, law enforcement, border control, healthcare professionals, and all first responders.


As the son of America's Founders, American Industry Pioneers, American Revolutionary War Soldiers, Union Soldiers of the Civil War, Abolitionists, WWII and Korean War Veterans on both his paternal and maternal side. This represents a 400 year family tradition of fighting for liberty, justice, equality, freedom, and the American dream.

Mr. Jenks, a self-made man since age 17, is the son of America's Founders, American Industry Pioneers, American Revolutionary War Soldiers, Union Soldiers of the Civil War, Abolitionists, WWII and Korean War Veterans on both his paternal and maternal side. This represents a 400 year family tradition of fighting for liberty, justice, equality, freedom, and the American Dream.

Kenneth is a 14th generation American Patriot. He is a descendant of John Howland (Mayflower 1620). William Sprague (1628 ship Abigail. Genealogy of the Sprague Families in America), Joseph Jenks Sr. (1642 Saugus MA Genealogy of the Jenks Family in America), and many more ancestors in his paternal and maternal line dating to the early and mid 1600s. America's Founders, American Industry Pioneers, Judge and Chief Justices, Rhode Island Assembly, Revolutionary War Heroes, Union Soldiers of the Civil War, Abolitionists, WWII, and the Korean War. Kenneth is a second generation U.S. Marine. This represents a 400 year family history fighting for Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and enabling the American Dream. See Founders and Patriots page

Tribute to Women's Rights in America, Suffrage, Abolition  

Kenneth Jenks' cousins include the likes of Amelia Jenks Bloomer - one the trio of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Association with Lucy Stone and Harriet Tubman. Women's Suffrage, Activist, Abolitionist, Dress Reform. Seneca Falls NY Birthplace of Women's Rights in America. Distanct cousin Lucy Stone  - Woman's Suffrage Leader. Chancellor L. Jenks lead conductor of the underground railroad.

Thomas Allen Jenks (also sp. Jenckes) - served in Congress 4 terms during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Wrote the Bill that established the Department of Justice. Known as the Father of Civil Service Reform. Signatory of the 13 Amendment outlawing Slavery.  William J Jenks in connection with William Lloyd Garrison assistant to Thomas Edison and official in the old Edison Company. Built Edison's most significant achievement, the Brockton Power Plant, Brockton MA.  … and much more.

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California (3)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid, and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Answer from Kenneth Jenks:

Their are two types of financing in the business and corporate world; Debt and Equity financing. In the public sector there is deficit and surplus. There are two ways the government can rasie capital for long term infrastructure investment; 1. borrowing from the public by selling interst bearing bonds to the public, or issuing new money.

I would support a comprehensive plan that includes borrowing from the public. I do not support tax increases. I would recommend the investments in interest bearing bonds include a tax dedection either by both federal or state government issuing the bonds.

Government spending must include a balanced economy and budget tat takes into account economic cycles. A budget must e aigned with economic cycles and not legislated with fiscal policy as has been proposed by some ligislators that do not understand macro economics. This is different than the common topic of a balanced budget that politicians use when they do not understand marco economics, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and GDP / Trade in general.

I might add that I am highly educated with two graduate degrees covering finance, accounting, corporate stragety, valuation, micro and macro economics, and much more. As noted in the education section, I received a World #3 (Bloomberg Businessweek ranking) Executive MBA from SMU Cox Schol of Business. This EMBA was earned while working full time in senior management.  

I have deep analytcal ability having two undergraduate degrees in engineering. Much of my work includes program and project selection and management, capital budgeting, capital allocation, economic modeling, pro forma financials - forecasting, and operations research. My unique hands-on experience, education, and time tested results driven leadership will be of great value to our District and our Nation.  

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages to secure affordable health care?
Answer from Kenneth Jenks:

Improved legislation that for fair and simple insurance billing and payment.

A Bill that I would author / sponsor would be an extended family group policy. This would be a Bill that would provide a group policy for immediate and extended family members for three generations. For example: grandparents, adult children, and grandchildren in an extended family. Documented immigrants, legal residents, and citizens.

I would also like to see a highly competitive environment for prescription medication and intra and inter State health care.

Children and the elderly are of high priority - the most vulnerable. No child left behind with health care.

Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the House of Representatives.
Answer from Kenneth Jenks:

Secure Borders. Legal path to documentation and residency for DACA. End chain migration. End birth right citizenship. A form of merit based immigration. Tight restriction on H1B student visas. I am a strong proponent of legal immigration having had a 33 year marriage to a legal immigrant from South Korea, and a first generation, hispanic son-in-law. There are 4 languages spoken with fluency amongst my immediate family; English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese so I have good insight to this issue.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Kenneth is a Christian conservative.  He stands for, fights for, and is passionate about liberty, equality, justice, rule of law, homeland security, sovereignty, secure borders, environment, capitalism that is free market driven, our Constitution as it is written, and America first. Kenneth honors and respects our military, law enforcement, border control, healthcare professionals, and all first responders. His philosphy includes lower taxes, less and more efficent government.

Kenneth is a conservative that will bring wisdom, sensibility, hard work, collaboration, and leadership to the House of Represntitives.

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