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March 7, 2017 — Local Elections
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City of Los AngelesCandidate for City Council, District 7

Photo of Art Miner

Art Miner

Aerospace Engineer/Businessman
1,775 votes (8.11%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Good Jobs and employment opportunities are key to the success of our community and families. Our city government needs to be business friendly with less regulation, reduced taxes, and streamlined processing for startup endeavors.
  • Homeless living on our streets, w/o toilet or bathing facilities is inhumane to the homeless and also to the communities and businesses that are effected. The city’s approach has been awful; we need real solutions to resolve this crisis.
  • We need responsible development that includes jogging and bike paths, horse trails and open spaces consistent with the environment. We need to stop the spot zoning change approvals for developers and stop the High Speed Rail.



Profession:Business owner; restaurant/ sports grill, retired Aerospace Engineer and Engineering manager for US Navy and Missile De
Owner/operator, Miner Innovations; dba The Crows Nest Sports Grille (2014–current)
Board Member, Sunland Tujunga Chamber of Commerce — Elected position (2016–current)
Electromagnetic/RF Compatibility and Quality Assurance Senior Engineer, St. Jude Medical (2012–2014)
Electromagnetics Design Engineer, MDA Launch Team mgr., General Dynamics (1994–2011)
EMI/EMC/Nuclear EMP, RADHAZ, senior design engineer, Hughes Aircraft; Missile Systems Group (1988–1994)
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Engineer; P-3, S-3 design team, Lockheed Aircraft Co. (1980–1988)


California State University of Northridge Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering with emphasis in Electromagnetics (1986)

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Immigration and the city council


Paper provides a realastic approach to resolving the immigration delimia that we have how I would approach this problem.  We need an approach that is humane and respects the immigrants and also the values we as Americans citizens want for our country.  We want sucessful immigration.  What we have is a mess. 


I have been fielding a lot of questions regarding immigration.  Normally immigration is not a topic for the city council, however, that’s not true today.  Many of our residents could be impacted by the decisions made by our city council and how we deal with the federal government.  Here are my thoughts on immigration. 


Part of what makes this country so great is the fact that we are a land of immigrants, from all parts of the world that share a common belief in democracy, freedom of religion, speech and the capitalist system.  Our diversity is part of what makes this country so great and is a melting pot for social and economic growth.  That’s where we started but we seem to have lost our way. 


I don’t consider immigrants who have come here illegally as criminals or illegal aliens.  I prefer to refer to them as undocumented immigrants unless they have committed some other crime.   I’m against amnesty because it should never be acceptable to be here undocumented and something we have to fix.  I’m not in favor of punishment, as we have allowed this to happen; 11,000,000 times.  We might as well have driven the getaway car.  Most of them came to better their lives.  I’m not sure why we let it happen.


First, we have to control the border.   If we don’t control the border we can’t help anyone.    Once we control the border, I would require that every undocumented immigrant register and state their intentions.  Do they want to be here on a work visa, student visa, tourist visa, or apply to become a US citizen?  Then I would do what I call in-place processing.  Every applicant would go through a prescreening to eliminate criminals and bad individuals.  If they pass the initial screening I would put them in the que for the status requested.  If they don’t pass the initial screening or fail to register within the time allotted they would be deported immediately.  If they fail to meet the criteria set forth for the status they have requested they would be deported.


For immigrants that apply for citizenship we need to establish a reasonable timeline for the applicants to demonstrate certain objectives.   I want to know that they won’t cost the tax payers money.  Like any immigrant, they need to demonstrate some skill or have a sponsor that will pay for their survival and wellbeing.  They need to learn some English.   A priority should be placed on teaching all students English so that they can take full advantage of our schools and become good citizens.  Teaching classes in Spanish only delays their progress. 


We should never protect criminals and anyone accused of a crime needs to be prosecuted and if found guilty of a significant crime they should be deported.  We need to provide the same legal protections to our undocumented immigrants as we do our citizens while we sort this immigration mess out. 


Supporting our Vets


This paper is limited to why I have such a strong connection with our vets.  It is limited to setting priorities and why we need to support our vets.


Veterans affairs


Veterans affairs is one of my more sensitive topics.  I spent 30 years as a design engineer supporting the US Navy, Airforce and Missile Defense Agencies. I’ve participated in many engineering design reviews  with service men and women that have come out of combat to assist us in our designs, and then return back to combat.  It’s a moving experience working with these young men and women knowing I’m going home the next day to my own bed and their returning to the battle field. 


The general populous has no idea of the sacrifices these men and women make when everything goes right.  I’ve spent time with the families left behind when their loved ones are deployed.  I’ve been on the ball field when a young kid makes a home run and can’t wait to tell his dad; but has to wait until sometime next week when his dad gets to call home.  It’s deplorable how we treat our wounded and those suffering from emotional distress returning from battle.  I will always fight for our vets.


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