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March 7, 2017 — Local Elections
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City of Los AngelesCandidate for City Council, District 7

Photo of Krystee Clark

Krystee Clark

Neighborhood Council President
290 votes (1.32%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Homeless population / safety
  • Job growth / business stimulus
  • Environmental concerns / protect against HSR



Profession:Neighborhood Council President
President, The Sunland-Tujunga Neighboprhood Council — Elected position (2016–current)
Co-Chair of Communication, Los Angeles Budget Advocates — Elected position (2015–2016)
Budget Advocate Region 1, The Los Angeles Budget Advocates — Elected position (2013–2016)
Entertainment Industry Representative, Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council — Elected position (2012–2015)
Task force on Outreach, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners — Appointed position (2014–2014)


I am an artist and a creative problem solver.  Our City Council will benefit from more creative problem solvers whose primary goal is the quality of life of the district they represent.  I am not afraid to think outside the box to make the seemingly impossible happen.


            I have been a professional actor and proud SAG-AFTRA member for over 30 years.   I arrived in Los Angeles from Florida at the age of 16 as an emancipated minor with a HS diploma and an acceptance into the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  I am a prime example of the hopeful innocents that flock to our city in search of the “Hollywood” dream. 


            Over the years, I was lucky to have steady work and made appearances on some of Television’s most popular shows including 7th Heaven, Roseanne, Boy Meets World and most memorably, Saved By The Bell where I portrayed the kick-ass lady wrestler who fought to be a member of the “boys” team.  I became a successful working actor in the top percentage of my field, but that fairytale doesn’t happen for the majority of artists in the entertainment industry, even if you work hard.  I am committed to recapturing our lost jobs by preserving LA’s title of “Entertainment Capital of The World”.  I have successfully championed nationally for the cause as a Convention Delegate and author of national resolutions for my SAG-AFTRA union. 


            I have a unique understanding of the vital importance the Entertainment Industry has for our economy and job growth. I have also produced and directed educational films for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as well as documentary films, music videos and promos. 


            I want to help our student’s transition seamlessly into the workforce by pairing young artists with professional mentors to help open doors and teach first hand how to make a living using their talents and education. We must stop letting our lucrative jobs and incomes get lured away to other states and start promoting our local artists and locations.


            I had years of experience as a supervisor at a company called “Creative Planet”.  I lead a staff of almost a hundred with efficiency and ease.  I am well respected and a great motivator to those around me.  I always listen to all sides of a situation before making a decision.


            As a former caregiver for a disabled Senior Citizen, I am aware of the challenges faced during retirement.  Our extended families, seniors and youth need the care and attention they deserve.  We need to help bring accessibility to our neighborhoods, cultural centers, colleges and technical schools.  With careful planning we can create a stronger economy that attracts small businesses and creates new jobs in the fields we will need most like healthcare and green technologies.


            I am in my third term on the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council.  In July, I was elected President after experiencing the largest voter turnout ever seen for a Neighborhood Council election in the Valley.   Before my Presidency, I served as the very first Entertainment Industry representative in the City of Los Angeles.


            I have served two terms as an elected Los Angeles Budget Advocate representing the North East Valley and was Co-Chair of Communication last year.  I brought our social media accounts to life and increased our followers exponentially.  I wrote and spearheaded the Budget Advocate citywide survey that was taken by 100 times more Angelenos than the Mayor’s budget survey and brought the voice of the public straight to City Hall.


            I was asked to be a member of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Task Force on Outreach in 2014.  A nominated and appointed position responsible for defining and discovering best practices and templates to assist Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils to comply with their City Charter Outreach responsibilities.


            From 2013-2105 I was an Elected SAG-AFTRA National Convention Delegate.  I created and advocated for 2 Resolutions that were passed at the Inaugural National Convention in Los Angeles.  I brought the educated energy of a 30+ year union worker to the needs of our struggling members.


            I was an Art Delegate for District 7 for Arts Day 2014 where I was chosen to dialogue with elected officials about ways to enhance government support for the Arts in order to ensure social, civic and economic vibrancy.


            I am a graduate from the very first Pat Brown Institute Civic University.  The inaugural leadership program included training in education, advocacy, communication, and policy culminating in a self created community arts education initiative.


            I have been a board member for The Sunland-Tujunga Foundation since 2013. A non-profit serving at-risk youth in the Sunland-Tujunga area.


            I was a member of the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation Advisory Board where I advocated for the rights of Independent Filmmakers and the need for production incentives that are more inclusive.


            I was a featured speaker at the LA Convergence where over three hundred attendees got fired up by my Pecha Kucha presentation.  My topic?  How can we, promote artists for free! 


            I have volunteered regularly for many non-profits, schools and organizations including Lemay Elementary, Teranga Ranch, The Los Angeles LGBT Center, Arts For LA, Aide Africa, The Sierra Club, McGroarty Arts Center, The American Cancer Relay For Life, Women In Film, Film Independent and the The River Rock Arts Colony.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I have been a registered Democrat since I could vote. However, I am fiscally conservative.  I have never voted according to party, I vote issues.  I have chosen candidates for races from all of the parties currently represented and wish we had more choices.  I vote Democratic, Libertarian, Green, Republican and Independent.  None of the established parties represent me to the full extent.


         Our current “Two Party” system is destroying the possibility for a bright young innovator to step up and truly solve problems instead of focusing on getting re-elected and paying back political favors.


         Anyone who runs for office is a political hero in my eyes.

Position Papers

Vote YES on Measure S


Measure S will:

  • Ban developers from writing their own self-serving “Environmental Impact” reports, an obvious conflict of interest that is used against communities as an unfair tool of overdevelopment
  • Make the Los Angeles City Council do its job, by creating a rational citywide plan for Los Angeles tied directly to infrastructure limitations, true population figures and community desires
  • Preserve neighborhoods and institute a protective 2-year timeout that stops the Los Angeles City Council from its current practice of spot zoning –
    parcel-by-parcel zoning changes and spot General Plan amendments and inappropriate development that destroys neighborhood character and displaces longtime residents and small businesses
  • Protect affordable housing projects by exempting them from the 2-year timeout

For more information, please visit:

I strongly support a YES on Measure S.

This is a chance to return the power back to the people. Affordable housing is no longer “affordable” in Los Angeles. Measure S will help ordinary people fight huge development projects that destroy the character and culture of our neighborhoods and the displacement of longtime residents.

VOTE Krystee Clark for Los Angeles City Council!

#69 on the Ballot!

We desperately need new leaders to solve the problems that City Hall insiders and career politicians have turned into a serious crisis.

You have a choice

Homeless population /Safety


One of the top issues in District 7 is eliminating our Homeless population and the safety concerns that follow.

The current situation is atrocious for both the homeless and our local residents.  I would create a Homeless task force whose only job is helping to get these residents off the streets in our District alone.   It would include police officers from LA and County, service providers, mental health specialists, a Park Ranger, a domestic violence specialist, chemical waste disposal, bulky item disposal and a trash crew.  Encampments would be cleared immediately with belongings deposited into mobile bin units that can be accessed by their owners.


Launch a public relations campaign to educate constituents on how to deal with our homeless situation.  Teach who to call, when to call and how to help.  It is imperative to get everyone on the same page when dealing with the situation. 


         We need multiple citywide mobile units for everything.  A clothing closet with clean donations, a computer lab, a set of showers, bins for storage, day care and animal spay and neutering.  The units would have a schedule that hits different areas of the district at different times.  Like food trucks that roll into an area... these services would bring fair distribution to all communities.


         Create a work system for daily hourly jobs and pay cleaning up our streets and parks.  Meet at a designated space and be given a manual labor style job that can be completed by almost anyone.  Pay with cash at end of day. 4 hour shifts.  Have a meal provided for low cost, a banking system available for savings.  Create pod share type housing units for easily rehabilitated demographics like our homeless youth.


         Section 8 vouchers must have some desirability to property owners.  We need to create a better incentive program in place for a limited number of years to encourage placement.

Job Creation / Business stimulus


One of the top priorities in District 7 is job creation and business stimulus.



My plan for creating jobs in CD-7 will take advantage of the current enthusiasm for environmental issues.  Creating jobs that protect the natural environment, while ensuring social equity are essential elements of my plan.  Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) is the prime source for higher education in the District, yet its class catalog does not contain any sustainability classes.  My plan would entail working with Dr. Perez (President, LAMC) to develop a skills certificates program in “green” job skills.  Bring some of these classes to the satellite campus in Sunland-Tujunga.


         For example, the certificate programs should be geared to the following skill areas, which have high job growth potential:

         1). Solar Panel Technicians, which will assist in LADWP’s goal of using more renewable energy sources.

         2). Energy/Water Use Technicians, which will be needed due to Los Angeles’ new Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance, which will mandate that all buildings in LA be benchmarked and disclose energy and water usage.

         3). Wellness Technicians, which could combine elements of LAMC’s Allied Health Programs with creating healthier building interiors for workers, students and residents. 

         In addition, my plan will seek support for a Northeast San Fernando Valley clean technologies hub similar to the LA Cleantech Incubator at the La Kretz Innovation Campus.  This proposed training facility would increase green job growth opportunities, while educating under-represented minority populations in CD-7.         



Videos (3)

— February 28, 2017 Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council

The Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council, North Hills East Neighborhood Council and the Pacoima Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with All Nations Church held a Los Angeles City Council Candidate Forum!
All candidates had the opportunity to speak as well as take questions from the community in a one on one scenario.

Here is my introduction.

20 questions were given to the candidates that are now posted and available here:

— February 28, 2017 LA Business Today

My appearance on LA Business Today in 2014. I will not stop.

As your future Councilwoman , I will remain honest and transparent while fighting for the citizens of District 7 without prejudice, lies or hidden agendas. I am determined to create jobs, eradicate our homeless encampments, mitigate our deadly traffic situations, protect our unique environment and ensure a streamlined city that operates within our revenue structure.

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