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March 7, 2017 — Local Elections
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City of San FernandoCandidate for City Council

Photo of Marvin Perez

Marvin Perez

Payroll Coordinator/Student
196 votes (7.03%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Prevent the further development of apartments in our small city
  • Create a city-business partnership in support of keeping small businesses in bussiness
  • Improve public safety through community involment and create a police department oversight committee



University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Sociology (2012)



Age: 36, Roman Catholic

Education: B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA '12); Pepperdine University, Graduate School Education & Psychology, Masters of Psychology in Clinical Psychology specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy (Current, 3rd year est. 2017)

Profession: Payroll Coordinator, Sunkist Growers, Inc.  

            I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala and at the age of seven my parents arrived at the difficult decision that the only way to secure a better future - a future free of political persecution and economic distress - was to emigrate to the United States. My parents settled in the city of Van Nuys where I attended Valerio Elementary, Fulton Middle School and Van Nuys High School where I graduated with honors. During my senior year I prepared to attend college and although our basic needs were being meet it was still financially impossible for my parents to send me to college. Adding to the financial strains of putting their second son in college was the now confirmed reality that our family was also living in the shadows as undocumented immigrants. I did not realize the full impact of what this news meant other than I could no longer pursue my dream of becoming the first college graduate in our combined family's history. With no real future and no real opportunity I had no choice but to join my mother in cleaning houses across the valley. It was during this period of uncertainty and many fears that I also learned I was to become a father at the age of nineteen.  This certainly wasn't the future I envisioned for myself but nonetheless this was my reality and I took it with dignity. During the next few years the struggle was very real until our legal status changed and we were to continue pursuing the American dream.

            When my daughter turned five I enrolled in Los Angeles Pierce College where the next phase of my life was to begin. When I started college I was already working as a full-time entry-level payroll clerk and was simultaneously taking up to four evening classes. Going back to school was a difficult decision not only because I now had a daughter to take care of but also fighting thoughts that going back to school was a mistake as that was an aspiration that stayed buried in the past. However, deep inside I knew that that the only way for me to secure an even better future for my daughter was to show her that I was able to complete college against the many obstacles I faced. Every great outcome sometimes requires great sacrifice and at that moment my parents' decision to immigrate for our sake made complete sense. This realization made a fundamental positive change in me as a parent and brought a new higher level of respect towards my parents. But what made going back to school a true reality was the support of my girlfriend, the mother of my daughter, who gave me the unconditional moral, spiritual and - yes, financial support that I needed to continue pursuing higher education. My girlfriend then and now my wife has been fundamental in moving us forward and pushing us to become successful. In 2008 I graduated from Pierce College with an Associates Degree and by the time I finished I had moved forward in my career in payroll and was now a Regional Payroll Lead at my current job. I wanted to push further in my career and schooling but again I questioned whether it would be the right decision. Once again my wife gave me the extra little push I needed and with her encouragement I applied to many schools and was subsequently accepted to every single one! In 2009 I enrolled at UCLA and so began the next - and frankly, the most strenuous academic endeavor to date. 

            I was ready to begin UCLA in the fall of 2009 when I received news that my father was diagnosed with cancer. It was a difficult time in trying to concentrate in school, working full-time while driving to UCLA from work in Westlake Village two or three times per week during my lunch breaks while dealing with my father's health crisis. My employer at the time made the special concession to allow me to take extended time to attend school during the middle of the day and come back to complete my work day.  I had long days and nights and at times would have emotional days but through it all I pulled one of the hardest feats of my life - I graduated from UCLA!

            In 2010 we moved to our first home in the City of San Fernando and since then I have wanted to get involved in the community where my children are being raised.  My younger daughter attends Santa Rosa Catholic School and my oldest attends Bishop Alemany Catholic High School. They also attend one of our city’s dance schools and both are active girl scouts. My oldest will also be starting her second year as a Counselor in Training at the San Fernando Pool Park. Our daily routines and activities keeps us local and because we spend so much of our time in our community I deeply feel that I must get involved to keep San Fernando a good and safe community for families like ours. For the past five years I have talked to my wife and kids about the different ideas I have to keep San Fernando the small community it is and how we can improve our infrastructure and development without loosing our small community environment. I am against construction of apartment buildings in our city. I am in favor of bringing small businesses to our city and improving public safety. I receive the city council meeting notes, I vote in every election since becoming a U.S. citizen and I keep myself informed of city events. I have been involved even if not in a public way.

            In 2013 I made another decision to continue my education and I applied to graduate school. I was accepted to Pepperdine University in their psychology program. I will be completing my Master's Degree next spring and my goal is to open a private practice in my city of San Fernando and serve in the city council to follow both my passions of helping people and helping my community.  I have made a living in the fields of payroll and HR administration and I believe my work experience will help me in my future goal of becoming the next city councilmember. I have worked really hard to keep my aspirations alive and thriving and I will apply the same dedication and hard work ethics when elected to serve my city. I tell my daughters that I won't ask anything of them I have not personally achieved and therefore I have many, many goals to reach. It does takes take a village to raise a child and it will take all of San Fernando to keep the city we all love the kind of community we can all call home.




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