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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election

Senado Estatal de CaliforniaCandidato para Distrito 13

Photo de Annie Oliva

Annie Oliva

Abogada de vivienda/concejala
33,311 votos (11.9%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Falta de Vivienda: Declararé un Estado de Emergencia sobre la falta de vivienda para que podamos coordinar acciones, abordar las condiciones de salud mental no tratadas, crear refugios seguros y exigir que esos refugios se usen.
  • Vivienda: Lucharé por soluciones de vivienda a corto y largo plazo que usen tecnologías emergentes, asociaciones públicas y privadas mientras la toma de decisiones clave permanece local. Cualquier nueva vivienda debe estar bien construida y cerca del transporte para reducir nuestra paralización.
  • Paralización de Tráfico: Garantizaré que realmente invirtamos en y ampliemos el transporte público fiable, como la electrificación de CalTrain, y construir viviendas cerca de centros de transporte y de empleos para que las personas puedan trabajar en las comunidades en las que viven.



Profesión:Abogada de Vivienda/Concejala
Miembro y Alcalde en 2016, Concejo Municipal de Millbrae — Cargo elegido (2013–actual)
Alcalde, Ciudad de Millbrae — Cargo designado (2016–2016)


Notre Dame de Namur University Licenciatura en Ciencias (Bachelor of Science, B.S.), Psicología (1982)


I am a small businesswoman, housing advocate, Millbrae City Councilwoman and mother of three. I’m running to unite the community around common-sense solutions to our greatest challenges — housing, homelessness and traffic gridlock.


I don’t think you should need an IPO to afford a home. I don’t think it should take hours and hours stuck in traffic to get to work. And as the mother of a son who was temporarily driven to homelessness by addiction, I know we need a comprehensive approach to treat drug addiction and mental health issues if we are truly serious about ending homelessness.

As a Realtor, I bring a unique experience to this issue and will work to make sure our children and grandchildren can stay and raise families of their own here. I have served on the Millbrae City Council since 2013, including as Mayor. I have championed improving public safety, enhancing economic development, and building more housing near transit so we don’t make traffic gridlock worse.

I have spent my whole life in this community. I was born and raised on the Peninsula, and my three children were born and raised here too. Me and Jose, my husband of 36 years, currently live in Millbrae.


I am running for State Senate to speak for us and make sure Sacramento is really listening. You can join my campaign at

¿Quién proporcionó dinero a este candidato?


Dinero total recaudado: $438,613

Principales contribuyentes que dieron dinero para apoyar al candidato, por organización:

Employees of OMarshall, Inc.
California Association of Realtors and employees
Employees of Marcus & Millichap
Coldwell Banker and employees
Employees of City of Millbrae

Más información acerca de contribuciones

Por estado:

California 92.59%
New York 4.27%
Connecticut 1.08%
Maryland 1.08%
Other 0.97%

Por tamaño:

Contribuciones grandes (98.81%)
Contribuciones pequeñas (1.19%)

Por tipo:

De organizaciones (17.52%)
De individuos (82.48%)
Fuente: Análisis de datos de la Secretaría del Estado de California de MapLight.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

It’s time to break through the partisan gridlock and bring common sense to Sacramento.


I will stand up to the special interests who control our state government so we can make real progress on homelessness, traffic gridlock and affordable housing. 


As your independent voice, I will:


Declare a state of emergency on homelessness so we can coordinate action, address untreated mental health conditions, create safe shelters and require those shelters be used;


Demand accountability in government, starting with comprehensive and regular audits of all major programs; 


Create housing near existing transit, so we can make the Peninsula more affordable without making traffic worse;


Require absolute transparency in government so average citizens can start to break the power of the special interests;


Make raising taxes the last resort, not the first answer. California should collect unpaid taxes, close tax loopholes and grow our economy before asking residents to pay more in taxes. 


I am a housing advocate who has fought to keep seniors and veterans in their homes. I am a local city council member who worked successfully to put housing near transit. 


And I am the mother of a son who slipped into addiction and was temporarily homeless before our family could intervene – so I will approach the homeless crisis from a point of compassion, determination and the “tough love” that requires those most in need to seek treatment.  


Have questions? Email me at


Want to make sure your voice is heard? Join us at

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

A Seven-Point Plan on Homelessness, Mental Health and Substance Abuse


As a longtime housing advocate — and as the mother of a child who faced a period of homelessness — I know we must do more to put families into homes and to help our homeless neighbors off the streets and into shelters, treatment facilities, and stable housing.

The Peninsula is a prosperous place. There is no reason any person should be forced to live on the street. Yet, homelessness is the reality for thousands of residents, and the crisis is personal for my family as well — one of our sons who was struggling with addiction, was temporarily homeless before we could intervene. The shocking truth is that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people dying on our streets from exposure, lack of medical care, alcohol abuse and drug overdose.

This tells us that the crisis is multi-faceted and requires a supported comprehensive approach that is not just reacting to the crisis but demanding preventative measures to keep more families and individuals from becoming homeless. We must solve this together as Californians — not one city or town or region at a time. We must provide treatment for those in mental health crisis, and require it in certain circumstances. We must create shelter for everyone, and require everyone to use this shelter when it is available so we can transition homeless people out of our streets, parks, creeks and sidewalks. We must recognize the dignity of everyone and remember the dignity of work — so homeless individuals can work their way off the streets. And we must dramatically increase the supply of housing. The following is my plan to address homelessness, mental health and substance abuse issues affecting the Bay Area and our state.


1. Declare a State of Emergency on Homelessness.

2. Support and expand a system of conservatorship.

3. Support and expand medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

4. Create a broadly coordinated approach.

5. Reform the laws that make housing more expensive, incentivize building more housing and embrace innovation in housing.

6. Harness economic growth to fund new services.

7. Hold ourselves accountable.



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