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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
Estados Unidos

Cámara de Representantes del los Estados UnidosCandidato para Distrito 10

Photo de Marla Sousa Livengood

Marla Sousa Livengood

Propietario de pequeña empresa
5,270 votos (3.3%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Cuidados de la salud que trabajen para nosotros, no para intereses especiales
  • Asegurar que nuestros Granjeros tengan un defensor en el Congreso
  • Reformar la educación para satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes



Profesión:Granjero y Propietario de Pequeña Empresa
Miembro, Comité Asesor de Aviación del Condado de San Joaquin — Cargo designado (2012–actual)
Secretario, Comité Central Republicano del Condado de San Joaquin — Cargo designado (2017–actual)
Miembro, Comité Asesor de Manejo de Plagas del Departamento de Reglamentación de Pesticidas de California — Cargo designado (2018–2019)
Miembro, Comité de Transporte de Servicio Social del Concejo de Gobiernos de San Joaquin — Cargo designado (2006–2008)


CSU Fresno Licenciatura en Ciencias, Economía Agrícola (1999)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, Junior League of San Joaquin County (2012–current)
Delegate, Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee (2014–2016)


Raised on her family’s farm, Marla Sousa Livengood personally knows the hard work and dedication of Valley Farmers, and those that support the 10th Congressional District’s multi-billion-dollar Agriculture Industry.

A graduate of CSU Fresno with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, Marla has spent most of her career ensuring farmers are not forgotten in Washington, DC or Sacramento.

In addition to time on the family farm, she has served in roles focusing on agriculture, transportation, economic development and job creation, including Legislative Director for former Tracy Congressman Richard Pombo. Over the years, Marla has advanced projects and policies important to the Central Valley.

A full-time working mom, Marla also serves on the San Joaquin County Aviation Advisory Committee where she offers her expertise in policy. Marla is a member of the Junior League of San Joaquin County, an organization which has provided 8,000 volunteer hours to the community; she has served on the Board.

Marla and her husband Ray proudly call San Joaquin County home where they raise their three children.

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California (3)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid, and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Respuesta de Marla Sousa Livengood:

I have worked on major surface transportation authorization legislation in Congress, served as Legislative Affairs Manager for the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD), and am currently an appointed Member to the San Joaquin County Aviation Advisory Committee (CAAC).   These roles have allowed me to become deeply involved with various modes of transportation –including an inside look at the project prioritization process, funding mechanisms and project delivery.

In addition to supporting improvements to our current transportation network, we need new ideas and solutions.  The Bay Area’s no growth policies have pushed families to the Valley as the Bay continues to buildout businesses/employment centers.   This unbalanced growth has had a tremendous impact on the lives of those -and their families, commuting from the Valley.  That said, I support investing in job training of our constituency –and incentivizing businesses to locate here in our district.  Together, this will take pressure off our overcrowded transportation network.  Keeping jobs local will allow families more time together, build a sense of community and let us focus on what is really important to us.

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages to secure affordable health care?
Respuesta de Marla Sousa Livengood:

As a fulltime working mom, I know how hard it can be to make ends meet. Like many families, our biggest expense is health care. Unfortunately, Congress has favored a one-size-fits-all approach to health care which has significantly increased costs.   I will advance legislation to allow people to purchase health care that suits their needs, as opposed to being forced into high priced comprehensive plans.  I will work with the House Energy and Commerce Committee to advance policies that are both patient focused and market-based.

Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the House of Representatives.
Respuesta de Marla Sousa Livengood:

As Californians, we all know at least one of the millions of undocumented immigrants that call California home.  Not a single Californian, myself included, is not touched by immigration.  Under current law, millions are subject to deportation. Unfortunately, Democrats have prioritized the protection of criminals over real solutions.  Ignoring the law does nothing to improve it. The time has come to mend our broken immigration system once and for all.  We need comprehensive reform to secure our border, ensure interior enforcement, and provide a solution to those already living, working and contributing to our communities. Any reform must also include guest worker component to adress the current agriculture labor shortage.



¿Quién proporcionó dinero a este candidato?


Dinero total recaudado: $139,233

Principales contribuyentes que dieron dinero para apoyar al candidato, por organización:

Employees of Sousa Farms
Employees of Morada Produce
Employees of Sousa, Martha
Employees of Sousa Farms Inc.

Más información acerca de contribuciones

Por estado:

California 97.98%
Virginia 1.38%
District of Columbia 0.46%
Florida 0.18%

Por tamaño:

Contribuciones grandes (90.91%)
Contribuciones pequeñas (9.09%)

Por tipo:

De organizaciones (10.01%)
De individuos (89.99%)
Fuente: Análisis de datos de la Comisión Federal Electoral de MapLight.

Videos (1)

— January 30, 2020 Marla Sousa Livengood for Congress
Marla Sousa Livengood 10th Congressional Announcement

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