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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election
Estados Unidos

Cámara de Representantes del los Estados UnidosCandidato para Distrito 7

Photo de Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

4,837 votos (2.3%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Votación por orden de preferencia, traer de vuelta la democracia a la votación.
  • Cuidados de la salud de pagador único, mejorar la salud de nuestra fuerza laboral y deshacerse de los guardianes parásitos de la industria de seguros de salud
  • Poner fin a nuestras guerras de cambio de régimen y construir más puentes y menos muros.



Programa de Académicos Viajeros, estado de Florida, Talahassee, University of South Florida, St. Pete, Florida Atlantic Licenciatura en Artes (Bachelor of Arts, B.A.) en Biología Marina de Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton., Especialidad en Biología, Especialidad Secundaria en Ciencia de la Computación (1976)


Chris Richardson studied for Marine Biology and worked as assistant currator of the State of Florida's Icthyologic Collection.  He finished his degree at FAU and put himself through college operating computer for Banks at night and attended classes during the day.  He worked for UofF in Bele Glade and later worked for Florida Water Management District in West Palm, and then while still at FAU, worked for the Oceanography Department of Nova University, Fort Lauderdale.  From there he went to work for Shared Medical System in PA where he learned the MUMPS Programming Language.  He left there to go to work for Singer Link in Houston on F-16 Flight Simulator, and then transferred to NASA JSC to work on the Space Shuttle Simulator and taught Real Time FORTRAN to Engineers.  He left JSC to go to the National Space Technology Lab in Bay Saint Louis, MS to work for Computer Sciences Corporation.  He was transferred to China Lake , CA, to take over the support, rewrite, and documentation of a MUMPS system there that paid all of the vendor bills on the Naval base.  He left there to work as a consultant to Science Applications International Corporation to help them win Composite Health Care System with the Department of Defense hospitals around the world.  He joined the ANSI Standards Committee for the MUMPS language and served on that deliberative group for 20 years.  After SAIC, he went to work for the VA in La Jolla, CA, transferring to Martinez, CA in 2000.  He was transferred to the Office of Information of the VA in 2005.  In 2001 he worked with a group to form WorldVistA a not-for-profit that is bringing the VA VistA out into Open Source.  Oroville Community Hospital is using this software successfully.  He retired in 2010 and helps to actively support World VistA.

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Filosofía política

I was a Democrat until I noticed that nothing was actually getting done and our rights were being removed from us.  The Green Party seemed to have the most positive and least bellicose policies as well as supporting the environment and our continued survival on this planet.   Our war-like stance needs to be modified and we need to be learning tolerance and how to live with each other in this world, while providing more legs up rather than trying to suppress the capabilities of our people.  Cuba who we try to villanize, has been exporting health care to Central and South America, the Carribean, Africa, and Asia, while we are exporting war and over-turning other countries.  We arm and train terrorists in Central and South America to run people out of their countries, and then we complain when they show up at our Southern Boarder.  Immigration has always been a positive impact on the economy.  Our Federal Reserve has just pumped 6.6 trillion dollars into Wall Street to make the economy look better.  That 6.6 trillion would pay off the student loans 4 time and be a real stimulas to the economy when these student have that money to spend locally and actually feed the economy.  We could pay for the Green New Deal twice (see Howie Hawkins' Budget for the GND), and that would give us energy independence, get us off fossil fuels, and generate 20 million new good paying jobs.  About our insurgence in South and Central America, see "The Management of Savagery" by Max Blumenthal.

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