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March 7, 2017 — Local Elections

Ciudad de ParamountCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Laurie Guillen

Laurie Guillen

Police Officer
1,141 votos (31.76%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Safety, working in conjunction with law enforcement to reduce crime and address quality of life issues.
  • Health Safety, to closely monitor regulatory rules as they apply to industry that cause pollution and impact the health of the community and to address zoning issues as they relate to industy being near residents and schools.
  • Focusing on equity within the community, insuring that all residents needs are being met.



Profesión:Los Angeles Police Department/Police Officer
Police Officer, Los Angeles Police Department (1987–current)
Police Officer, Los Angeles Police Department — Cargo designado (1987–current)


Los Angeles Police Department Police Officer Standards of Training Certificate, Community Policing, Conflict Resolution, Crime Trends and Identification (current)

Actividades comunitarias

Community enviormental activist, The Paramount Community Coalition Against Toxins (2016–current)
Philanthropist, Team Parkinson's (2014–current)
Advocate for Veteran's Affairs, Long Beach Veteran Affairs Hospital (2015–current)


I am a native Californian.  I was born and raised in The City Paramount.  I attended the Paramount public schools.  I attended Cal State Fullerton in 1983 and studied political Science.  I became a mother at 20 years old, then joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1987.  I have been a sworn police Officer for thirty years.  My career has encompassed patrol, under cover and detective work.  I have also been a part of our union representation.  I have advocated for my peers, for allegations of misconduct in the course and scope of their duties. I have also been an Instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department.  During my tenure as a police officer I have had the opportunity to work with the management and staff of both the Los Angeles Police Department and The Los Angeles City Council. I also added two additional children to my family while being a full time police officer.  My children are adults who are contributing citizens to society. Megan 31, a Clinical Physchologist with a Post Doctorate in Neuropsychology. Mia 26,  who has earned her Juris Doctorate Degree and is pending the bar. My son TJ 24, who has his Bachelor's Degree from Azusa Pacific University, in Sociology and is currently a Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff.  I volunteer and advocate for the Parkinson's community and Veteran affairs. My desire is to focus on the community in which I have grown up and raised my family.  I believe that the children of Pararmount deserve a healthy environment to grow, learn and set goals.  Their goals should not be limited to vocational studies but to reach for the stars and be supported in knowing that they can become doctors, lawyers, and business professionals.  I am a proponent of higher education but in addition and equally important is mentorship. 

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Featured Endorsements

  • The Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, The Long Beach Press Telegram

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política


Hello I’m Laurie Guillen,


I see quality of life issues being associated with the philosophy of community policing as it pertains to all of its daily functions. Specifically, community policing is based upon a partnership between the police and the community where both share responsibility for identifying and reducing or eliminating problems that impact community safety and order. By working together, we can decrease the fear and incidence of crime and its impact on the quality of life for our residents. 


In this effort to address quality of life issues, The City and its managers, along with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the community, must work as partners to identify and prioritize problems of crime and disorder and issues of community concern. Our efforts must be collaborative. When the community works with city officials and the police, then strategies can be developed and proactive problem solving can be implemented to address the identified issues. These efforts are a recipe for success as they mobilize the efforts and resources of the community and local government.


Quality of life issues are different for each individual of the community, but when working together most issues can be categorized into just a few areas.  For some, it may be crime, graffiti, noise or trash. For others, it could be the pollution in the air and the toxins we are breathing. Others may value business development, the desire for more restaurants, or improved educational programs for adults, including recreational programs. My vision is to enhance the educational programs with mentorships within the community.


Whatever the issues may be we must work together as a community to problem solve.  The community must have an open dialogue with its city government so that all individuals in the city are understood. This concept includes people who work in the city, work for the city and all of its residents.  No one should be made to feel left out or demeaned by their concerns.


My plan for bringing these goals into fruition is to utilize my thirty years of experience in the area of community problem solving, conflict resolution and peer advocacy. As a veteran police officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, I can bring fresh, innovative ideas to a city that has so much potential.  We can have a new vision for Paramount. While the existing vision for Paramount is looking good on Downey Avenue and Paramount Blvd, there are many areas of Paramount that need to be addressed. Paramount can be catapulted as a visionary city as we approach the decade of 2020.  Paramount has been rated the worst small city in California by The L.A. Times.  Air pollution, water quality, and our soil were big factors in this article. All residents who grow produce deserve the reassurance of knowing that they are actually consuming heathy fruit and vegetables.

I have been active in working with the Paramount community, The South Coast Air Quality Management (SCAQMD), The Public Health Department and The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. I have testified at SQAMD hearing on behalf of my community and in front the SCAQMD hearing board against two local companies who are emitting hexavalent chromium into the air near homes and schools. I have actively participated in bringing awareness to the community.


People should not be told if you don’t like the direction Paramount is going, there is a bus leaving every hour. My plan is to work closely with government officials and government entities to address this issue, so we can clean up the air and feel confident we are living in a healthy environment. Paramount should be a community that attracts new families and new businesses given its potential. Our geographical location is prime land, 25 minutes from beaches and twenty five minutes from thriving downtown LA. Let’s work together to address the quality of life issues and bring Paramount into the era of visionary partnerships.


If anyone has questions please contact me via email




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